The Story of Steve Safran,
Second-Generation Holocaust Survivor

Written and produced by Anne Evans and Anna-Lena Fischer

Steve in front of the Adda and Paul Safran Beach HouseSteve in front of the Adda and Paul Safran Beach House

Steve Safran, 71, is sitting in his living room in Highland Park, Illinois, just north of Chicago. He sits in front of large bay windows, overlooking a large neighborhood pond where swans are swimming. His home is beautiful. The carpets have just been cleaned. It is quiet. Family photos decorate the walls and tables. It is clear that he has been successful in his work. But it hasn’t been an easy journey for the Safran family. Steve’s father, Paul, learned the scrap metal business as a young apprentice in Hamburg, Germany. As the Nazi regime grew in power, he and his wife, Adda, quickly realized that they would have to leave as soon as they could. They emigrated to Chicago in 1938, two weeks before the S.S. invaded their apartment to look for Paul.

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I still think the lesson of the Holocaust hasn’t been learned.”

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Posted on June 04, 2014